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Ento '17 - Keynote speakers






Ento '17 - Keynote speakers


Lars Chittka - Queen Mary University: Analysisng plant-pollinator interactions with spatial networks.

Audrey Dussutour - University of Toulouse: Recent advances in the integrative nutrition of ants.

Janice Edgerly - Santa Clara University: Silk as armour and a web of adaptation (the Order Embioptera).

Jenny Hodgson - University of Liverpool: Networks to enable species to survive climate change.

Mathieu Lihoreau - University of Toulouse: Nutritional interactions in insect societies.

Charlotte Miller & Sheena Cotter - University of Lincoln: Nutritional complexity its role in the mediation of host-parasite interactions.

Ramiro Morales-Hojas - Rothamsted Research: New molecular approaches and the use of collections in insect molecular ecology.

Nicola Nadeau - University of Sheffield: How did the butterfly get its colours? The evolution and genetics of colour and pattern in Heliconius butterflies.

Ana Sendova-Franks - University of West of England: Ants as a model of social interaction.

David Shuker - University of St Andrews: Reproductive interference and the behavioural ecology of insects.

Nina Wedell - University of Exeter: Sex, conflict and selfish genes.  

Yoshifumi Yamawaki - Kyushu University: Decision-making and motor control in predatory insects.