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Ento '17 - Venue & Meeting information






Ento '17 - Venue & meeting information

Ento '17 will run from the morning of Tuesday 12th September to the afternoon of Thursday 14th September 2017. The theme of 'Entomological Networks' has implications at all scales within entomology from the roles of genes in the evolution of complex social behaviour to the impacts of environmental change on species-interaction networks. There will be 12 invited speakers and linked themed sessions.

Proposed sessions

  • Social insects
  • Cognition
  • Quantitative genetics
  • Sexual selection
  • Molecular ecology
  • Community ecology
  • Ecological networks

Venue information

Newcastle is a beautiful, historic, fun and friendly place and has gained an enviable reputation as one of the UK's favourite student cities. One in six people in Newcastle is a student, helping create the city's vibrant social scene and renowned nightlife. Newcastle University's campus is in the city centre and has good travel links, and plenty of accommodation and entertainment options. For more information about the University see and for general information for visitors, please see where you will find maps and travel advice.

Ento '17 will be based in the Herschel Building, just over the road from the Haymarket Metro station. There are direct links by Metro (a light rail service) to Newcastle railway station (3 minutes) and Newcastle International Airport (25 minutes)

Please note, there is no visitor parking available at the university. Local public car parking and Park and Ride options are available

We have not planned any excursions fo rthe conference, but why not extend your stay before or after the meeting to see the castles, caost, Hadrian's Wall etc.? See

Photographs of Ento meetings

This year sees the 20th birthday of the RES Ento meetings and the first meeting, in 1997, was also held in Newcastle. We will be compiling a pictorial record of the last 19 meetings, and if you have any photos please send copies to Gordon Port together with a note of which meeting and, if possible, the identities of any people in the photos.

Mentoring scheme

With the theme of Entomological Networks we will be trialling a new feature this year; a mentoring programme for the benefit of junior entomologists. Junior entomologists might include undergraduates, PhD students, postdocs, newly appointed researchers/lecturers etc. all of whom might benefit from contact with and advice from more senior entomologists. Given the range of experience of junior entomologists the senior entomologists might be PhD students or people at any later stage in their career. It is possible that some people may wish to act as mentors, but also benefit from contact with a mentor of their own.

If you are an ENTee, interested in being linked with an ENTOr, or willing to be an ENTOr, or both please contact the organisers at

The organisers will endeavour to put suitable ENTOrs and ENTees in contact before the meeting and we will arrange an opportunity for you to meet during the meeting.

Student support

Financial support is being made available by the RES for students wishing to attend the meeting. As its maximum this will not exceed 50% of costs. Preference will be given to Members.

Please note that there are limited funds available for this grant. Early application is strongly recommended. Applications must be made by letter or email ( to the Registrar at the RES office and the deadline for receipt is 1st May 2017.