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Library News

New Additions to the
Royal Entomological Library.

The following titles have been added to the Library. If you would like to borrow any of them please contact

Coleoptera Books
Bousquet, Y.Litteratura Coleopterologica (1758-1900); A guide to selected books..
Dodd, A.Beetle
Duff, A.G.Beetles of Britain and Ireland Volume 4: Cerambycidae to Curculionidae
Foster, G et alAtlas of the Predaceous Water Beetles (Hydradephaga) of Britain & Ireland
Klausnitzer, B. et alDie Bockkafer Mitteleuropas Cerambycidae Volumes 1 & 2
Lobl, I & D. LoblCatalogue of Palaearctic Coleptera 3 (2nd ed) Scarabaeoidea, Scirtoidea, Dascilloidea, Buprestoidea and Byrrholdea
Majerus, M et alA Natural History of Ladybird Beetles
Miller, K.B. & J. BergstenDiving Beetles of the World Systematics and Biology of the Dytiscidae
Morani, MGenus Gliathus 1 Goliathus Cacicus Olivier
Nedved, O.Ladybird Beetles of Central Europe
Otero, J.C. & Lopez, M.J.Coleoptera:Latridiidae (Fauna Iberic 42)
Slipinski, A & H.E. EscalonaAustralian Longhorn Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
Tronquet, M.Catalogue des Coleopteres de France with supplements
Baldock, D.W & J. EarleySolderflies, their Allies and Conopidae of Surrey
Papp, L. & M. CernyAgromyzidae of Hungary 1 Agromyzinae
General Entomology
Chick, A.Insect Microscopy
Hymenoptera Books
Fisher, P.B. & B BoltonAnts of Africa & Madagascar
Scheuchl, E & W. WillnerTaschenlexikon der Wildbienen Mitteleuropas alle arten im Portrat
Seeley, T.D.Following the Wild Bees The Craft and Science of Bee Hunting
Wilson, J. & O. Messinger Carril.The Bees in Your Backyard: A Guide to North America's Bees
Wisniowski, B.Cuckoo Wasps (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae) of Poland
Lepidoptera Books
 D'Abrera, B.Butterflies of the Neotropical Region 1, (2nd edit)
 Eckweiler, W. & G.C. BozanoButterflies of Palearctic Lycaenidae Pt.4 Subfamily Polyommatinae
 Gandy, M.Moth
 Leraut, P.Butterflies of Europe & Neighbouring Regions
 Paolucci, P.Bombyces and Sphinges of the Alps and their Larvae, Pupae & Cocoons
 Sterry, P et alCollins Complete Guide to British Butterflies and Moths
Van der Poorten, G & Van der Poorten N.Butterfly Fauna of Sri Lanka
Weidenhoffer, Z et alButterflies of Palearctic Lycaenidae 2 (2nd Edit)
Martin, R. et alLibellules de Catalunya
Lemonnier-Darcemont, M et alSaginae d'Europe
Seow-Choen, F.A Taxanomic Guide to the Stick Insects of Borneo