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Electronic and Computing Technology

Next Meeting: 14th November 2017

The purpose of the Electronic and Computing Technology special interest group is to inform about what is happening at the interface of insect science in particuilar, life sciences in general, and the physical and engineering sciences. This border is a very exciting place for ideas flow and the creativity it generates.

Insect science is currently starting to benefit from the explosion in tiny electronic devices that have been developed to support the mobile phone and other high value consumer electronics industries. The result enables us to examine insect behaviour in unprecendented detail. This is forcing disruptive changes to the face of invertebrate ecology ("big data" for insects) and appears to be creating a distinctive new discipline, "e-ecology". Meanwhile, analysis of this plethora of data is causing strong positive feedback to be established back across the interface. The engineering and physical sciences, computer science and mathematics are all now starting to benefit from seminal discoveries being made in the life sciences.

This is a fast moving and exciting field. The group's twitter stream wil be used to cascade any relevant information as soon as it is made known to the convenor. Also, the group holds meetings to discuss what is happening at the confluence of insect science and technology on a two yearly basis. (The next meeting will be held in mid 2017.)


Abstracts and presentations from the 2015 meeting together with some links to media interest generated by the event can be found here 


Dr Mark O'Neill
Tumbling Dice Ltd

Twitter: @RESTechSIG