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The Royal Entomological Society is governed by its council, which is chaired by the Society's president according to a set of bye-laws. The members of council, the president and the other officers are elected from the Society's fellowship and membership. The Society's patron is Her Majesty the Queen and its Vice-Patron is The Earl of Selborne.

Trustees of Council 2021/2022

President - Prof Helen Roy MBE Hon FRES 

Vice-president - Dr Rebecca Farley-Brown FRES 

Vice-president - Julie North FRES

President Elect - Prof Jane Hill Hon FRES

Chair of Meetings Committee  - Dr Richard Harrington Hon FRES

Treasurer -  Dr Gia Aradottir FRES

Chair of Publications Committee - Dr Shaun Winterton FRES

Early Career Trustee - Dr Joe Roberts FRES

Chair of Membership Committee - Dr John Baird FRES 

Trustee - Prof Adam Hart FRES 

Trustee - Prof Seirian Sumner FRES

Trustee - Mose Musonda Mem.RES

Trustee - Dr Allan Watt Hon FRES


Chairs of Standing Committees

Finance Committee - Dr Gia Aradottir FRES

Meetings Committee - Dr Richard Harrington Hon FRES

Publications Committee - Dr Shaun Winterton FRES

Insect Conservation Committee - Prof Jeremy Thomas OBE Hon FRES

Library Committee - Prof Simon Leather Hon FRES

Outreach Committee - Prof Adam Hart FRES

Membership Committee - Dr John Baird FRES


Working Groups of Council

Grand Challenges in Entomology - Prof Chris Thomas FRS FRES


Regional Honorary Secretaries

Scotland - Ms Katy Dainton 

ROI & Northern Ireland - Dr Aidan O’Hanlon

North England - Dr David George FRES

West England  - Mr John C. Bradley

Wales - Position vacant

East England - Dr Alvin Helden FRES

South East England - Dr Sarah Arnold Mem. RES

South West England - Position vacant


Senior Staff

Chief Executive Officer - Simon Ward

Director of Communications & Engagement - Dr Luke Tilley

Director of Finance & Operations - Robert Spencer

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