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The Royal Entomological Society is governed by its council, which is chaired by the Society's president according to a set of bye-laws. The members of council, the president and the other officers are elected from the Society's fellowship and membership. The Society's patron is Her Majesty the Queen and its Vice-Patron is The Earl of Selborne.

Members of Council 2020/2021

Prof Helen Roy MBE Hon FRES (President)

Prof John Pickett CBE FRS Hon FRES (Honorary Treasurer)

Dr Jenni Stockan FRES (Honorary Secretary)

Prof Mary Cameron FRES (Honorary Editorial Officer)

Dr Rebecca Farley-Brown FRES (Trustee)

Mrs Julie North FRES (Trustee)

Dr Tim Cockerill FRES (Trustee)

Dr Shaun Winterton FRES (Trustee)

Dr John Baird FRES (Trustee)

Prof Adam Hart FRES (Trustee)

Dr Gia Aradottir FRES (Trustee)


Chairs of Standing Committees

Finance Committee - Prof John Pickett CBE FRS Hon FRES

Meetings Committee - Dr Jenni Stockan FRES

Publications Committee - Prof Mary Cameron FRES

Insect Conservation Committee - Prof Jeremy Thomas OBE FRES

Library Committee - Prof Simon Leather FRES

Outreach and Development Committee - Dr Luke Tilley FRES


Regional Honorary Secretaries

Scotland - Dr Jenni Stockan FRES

Northern Ireland - Dr Archie Murchie Hon  FRES

North England - Dr David George FRES

West England and Wales - Peter Smithers Hon FRES

East England - Dr Alvin Helden FRES

South East England - Dr Sarah Arnold, Mem. RES


Senior Staff

Registrar, Director of Finances & Business - Kirsty Whiteford

CE, Director of Outreach and Development - Dr Luke Tilley

Director of Science - Prof Jim Hardie

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