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Ento '18

The good, the bad and the ugly - exploring the importance of lesser studied insects.

Edge Hill University, Ormskirk

Convenors: Anne Oxbrough , , Clare Strode

Advancement in the field of entomology is frequently driven by a variety of factors beyond scientific exploration and interest, from ease of sampling and identification or the favouring of more 'charasmatic microfauna' to difficulties in obtaining resources required for specialised field or laboratory techniques or funding bias. This conference seeks to address this by providing a platform for areas of entomology that are often overlooked or understudied and discussing what can be learned from these groups.

Plenary sessions

Three plenary sessions, each with an associated themed session, willexplore three important and varied areas of entomology, which we have termed the good, the bad and the ugly:

The good will explore lesser studied groups which have key roles in ecosystem function
The bad will explore lesser known vectors of disease, current knowledge, and challenges faced
The ugly will explore the challenges and difficulties of studying and conducting research on less charasmatic species or the microfauna and discuss what we can learn from them


The remaning sessions of the meeting will be linked to the areas of interest highlighted by the Society's journals, with the aim that at least one presentation in each will feature a lesser studied element of entomology. Oral and poster presentations on any topic of entomology are welcome including on more popular areas of entomology! Open sessions will be scheduled as required.

Proposed sessions:

  • Agricultural and Forest Entomology
  • Ecological entomology
  • Insect Conservation and Diversity
  • Insect Molecular Biology
  • Medical and Veterinary Entomology
  • Physiological Entomology
  • Systematic Entomology
  • Outreach and Citizen Science
  • Open Sessions (topics not included above)


Authors are invited to submit abstracts for oral presebnatations and posters. Oral presentations will be allocated a 15 minute slot, with 12 minutes for the presentation, followed by 3 minutes for questions. Powerpoint presentations are encourgaed. A poster session will also take place, with posters available throught the meeting for viewing. Posters should be A1 size portrait.

Venue information:

Edge Hill University is a campus university located in the heart of the North West, close to the thriving market town of Ormskirk and the vibrant cities of Liverpool and Manchester. The combination of beautifically landscaped grounds, state-of-the-art facilities, historic architecture and lakes make it a unique and innovative campus. For more information about the University please see  and for general information for visitors please see which includes maps and travel advise.



Electronic & Computing Technology Special Interest Group

Venue: The Mansion House, St Albans, AL2 3NS

Convenor: Mark O'Neill, Tumbling Dice Ltd,

Twitter: @RESTechSIG

Call for Papers:

If you would like to present at this meeting please submit an abstract (of no more than 200 words) to the convenor (contact details above) before 19th September 2017.

Orthoptera special interest group meeting

Venue: Neil Chalmers Room, Natural History Museum, London

Convenor: Björn Beckmann

Insect pollination special interest group meeting

Venue: National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF

Convenors: Jenni Stockan Michael Garratt

Keynote speakers:
Adam Vanbergen (CEH)
Lorna Cole (SRUC)
Peter Orrell (James Hutton Institute)

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