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Details of the Book Purchase Scheme.

Scheme topicDescription
Award criteriaTo provide assistance in purchasing specialist Taxonomic books, that will assist in the identification of Insect groups being studied in developing countries and their regions. Applicants will be required to demonstrate need and specify particular texts.
PrizeAny one applicant may be awarded up to £250 in a three year period. The Society will purchase the texts awarded and send them to the applicant. The applicants may, themselves, provide any additional funds in excess of the amount awarded.
EligibilityFellows and Members of the Society native to and working in developing countries. The adjudicators will be guided by the United Nations, Human Development Index (HDI), in determining those countries currently regarded as ‘developing’.
CycleApplication continuously open. However, when an award is made, it forms part of the maximum award, that is subject to a 3 year period.
AdjudicationBy the Honorary Officers of the Society who may seek specialist opinion.
EntryBy use of the application form. The completed form to be submitted (by any method) to: [email protected].

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