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Get involved in the White-legged Damselfly survey

The White-legged Damselfly is a delicate little insect that can be found fluttering along lushly vegetated margins of rivers, streams, pools and lakes in southern England and Wales. In recent years there have been increasing concerns that this elegant species is disappearing from some parts of the UK. However, our understanding of White-legged Damselfly population trends it limited by a lack of long term data; thus, the British Dragonfly Society has launched the White-legged Damselfly Investigation.

Surveys run between May-August and ideally volunteers will visit their chosen survey area 3 times within this period, on warm, sunny days.

The survey is easy to carry out and is a great activity for beginners looking to learn more about their local wildlife.

White-legged Damselfly Investigation project page for more information:


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