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Prof Mary Cameron

Honorary Editorial Officer

Prof Cameron is a Professor of Medical Entomology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, England. Her research interests concern insect behaviour and how it can be exploited to improve the surveillance and control of a wide range of vector-borne diseases. Mary is a member of the WHO Regional Technical Advisory group to support the kala-azar elimination programme in the South-East Asia region, and is currently leading the ‘SPEAK India’ consortium’s programme of operational research in collaboration with the Government of India. Prof Cameron is also co-Principal Investigator of the BBSRC ‘Gnatwork’ network conducting research on sandflies, biting midges and blackflies.

In her role as Honorary Editorial Officer, Mary chairs the Publications Committee of the Royal Entomological Society and has responsibility for overseeing all of the Society’s publications including its journals, handbooks, books and Antenna.

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