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Professor Christer Wiklund

Honorary Fellow
Date of fellowship 2014

Professor Christer Wiklund  is one of Europe’s senior, most prolific butterfly biologists. He has been Professor of Ecological Zoology, in the Department of Zoology, at Stockholm University, since 1986. Before that, he was an Associate Professor in Evolutionary Ecology, funded by the Swedish Natural Science Research Council (NFR).

Elected as member of the Royal Academy of Science (2000), his astonishing research contribution in butterfly ecology, behaviour, life history and evolution has the respect of all researchers in butterfly biology world-wide. His work includes field observations (including long time-series data), controlled, painstaking experiments in the laboratory and in outdoor flight cages, and also breeding experiments. His publications cover the broad field of evolutionary ecology, with a focus on butterfly research. This research has formed the foundation of our knowledge on life history strategies in butterflies, vital for conserving the butterflies of Europe.

Professor Wiklund is one of the most highly respected academics in butterfly ecological and evolutionary research.

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