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We are following the current Covid-19 Government advice and continue to work from home, Mansion House is closed for the safety of our staff.

We are not able to monitor all emails, so any general and membership enquiries should be sent to

Our Librarian will not have access to our collections from home, but will be happy to try and locate references available to download from the internet.

The insect identification service is still operating – please make enquiries via the form.

We hope that everyone stays safe and well.

Kirsty Whiteford - Registrar

Minibeasts. An identification guide

Peter Smithers, illustrated by John Walters, 2004, 36pp.

"Many minibeasts clearly differ in how they look, as well as how they live. But some that seem similar are actually very different, while others that look totally different are really just the same. All very confusing. Because of this, and because they are small and there are so many different sorts, it can be hard to find out what they are.This wonderful little book will help you get a real start in telling one minibeast from another. Once you get started, you will probably want to know more about their fascinating world. This book can help you do that too. Good luck with your bug hunting, identifying - and studying!"


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