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NHBS Beetles of Hertfordshire

Close up of A beetle of Hertfordshire featured on front cover

Trevor J James

July 2018 494 pages, 600+ colour photos

A ground breaking account of all 2,483 species of beetle so far recorded in Hertfordshire. Written by the County Recorder, Trevor James, it is beautifully illustrated with colour photographs and provides detailed information on the occurrence of every species, as well as their habitat needs and conservation status. It is the first book to cover all the beetles reliably recorded in a UK county in such a comprehensive way – making it a landmark for future studies. Background chapters provide a detailed overview of the different beetle habitats across the county, as well as assessments of which species are increasing, decreasing or have become extinct. The book considers beetles in the context of nature conservation and their incidence as indicators of wider ecological health. It also describes key sites in Hertfordshire where different species of beetle can be found.

In addition to the account of individual species, the main chapters cover:
- Background to the study of Hertfordshire’s beetles
- History of beetle recording in Hertfordshire
- Beetle habitats in Hertfordshire
- Beetles on the move
- Beetles and nature conservation
- Key sites for beetles in Hertfordshire

ISBN 9780993121722


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