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The Royal Entomological Society Book of British Insects

Peter C. Barnard 2011 383pp



This book is the only modern systematic account of all 558 families of British insects, covering not just the large and familiar groups that are included in popular books, but even the smallest and least known. It is beautifully illustrated throughout in full colour with photographs by experienced wildlife photographers to show the range of diversity, both morphological and behavioural, among 24,000 species.

All of the 6,000 genera of British insects are listed and indexed, along with all the family names and higher groups. There is a summary of the classification, biology and economic importance of each family together with further references for detailed identification. All species currently subject to legal protection in the United Kingdom are also listed.

This is a key reference work for students of entomology and amateur entomologists, as well as for professionals who need a comprehensive source of information about insect groups of the British Isles with which they may be less familiar.

ISBN: 9781444344967


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