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Sciarid flies - Diptera, Sciaridae.

RES Handbooks for the identification of British Insects. Volume 9 part 6.

Paul Freeman, 1983, 68pp.

This handbook is not intended by any means to be a complete account of the British fauna of this family, but more a means of opening it up, so that entomologists will have available figures and keys to all the common species and to the genera. It is based almost entirely on the collections in the British Museum (Natural History) which were largely amassed by F.W. Edwards and it is quite certain that many more species, particularly of Corynoptera, Lycoriella and Bradysia remain to be found. In fact, during the handbook preparation, eleven new species and nine others new to Britain were found in the un-named Accessions of the Museum (Freeman, 1983). It is perhaps unfortunate that species recognition relies almoset entirely, at present, on characters of the male external genitalia, so that females may be impossible to identify without associated males.

  • This handbook has some slight damage to the cover, hence the reduced price.

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