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Sepsidae - Siptera: Cyclorrhapha, Acalyptrata

RES Handbooks for the identification of British Insects. Volume 10 part 5(c).

A.C. Pont, 1979, 35pp.

The family Sepsidae is a small one, containing 21 recent genera and some 240 species of which only 6 genera and 25 species are known from the British Isles. They are generally rather small ant-like flies, with a spherical head, "waisted" abdomen, dark bodies and few setae or hairs. Orygma luctuosum, which is confined to the seashore, is an exception to this and, like most littoral Diptera, is rather flattened, dark, robust and richly setose.

  • This handbook has some slight damage to the cover, hence the reduced price.

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