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Systematic Entomology

Edited by Shaun L. Winterton, Christiane Weirauch, Bonnie B. Blaimer and Marianne Espeland

Published: Quarterly

Aims and Scope

Systematic Entomology publishes original papers on insect systematics, phylogenetics and integrative taxonomy, with a preference for general interest papers of broad biological, evolutionary or zoogeographical relevance.


systematic entomology, arthropods, biogeography, entomology,evolutionary biology, insects, descriptive morphology, phylogeny, systematics, taxonomy

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Contribution correspondence to:

Shaun Winterton
Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch, California Dept. of Food & Agriculture, USA

Christiane Weirauch
University of California, USA

Bonnie B. Blaimer
Center for Integrative Biodiversity Discovery Museum für Naturkunde, Germany

Marianne Espeland 
Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, Germany

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