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Systematic Entomology

Edited by Dr Shaun Winterton, Professor Christiane Weirauch and Dr Thomas Simonsen

Published: Quarterly

Systematic Entomology encourages the submission of taxonomic papers that contain information of interest to a wider audience, e.g. papers bearing on the theoretical, genetic, agricultural, medical and biodiversity issues. Emphasis is also placed on the selection of comprehensive, revisionary or integrated systematics studies of broader biological or zoogeographical relevance.

Topics covered include taxonomy and systematics of insects. Descriptive morphology may be accepted, especially where it makes a definitive contribution to phylogenetics.

Members can 'top up' their journal subscription with an annual 'online access' subscription, costing £42.00 (incl.VAT), which gives access to all the RES journals back files. This top up is subject to one printed copy journal being subscribed to. Members can now subscribe to all seven of the RES journals online for an annual fee of £120.00 (incl.VAT), or an online only subscription of Systematic Entomology for £76.00 per annum.

Contribution correspondence to:

Dr Shaun Winterton
Plant Pest Diagnostics Branch, California Dept. of Food & Agriculture, USA
(email: )

Professor Christiane Weirauch
University of California, USA
(email: )

Manuscripts on Lepidoptera should be addressed to:
Dr Thomas Simonsen
Natural History Museum Aarhus, Denmark
(email: )

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