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10th Symposium Insect Cytogenetics

Front cover of Insect Cytogenetics, Symposium number 10

Roger L. Blackman, Godfrey M. Hewitt, M. Ashburner 1980 278pp

Current work on the chromosomes of insects embraces two very different aspects of cytogenetics. On the one hand there are advances at the molecular level, with studies of genomic structure and sequence organization. These are narrow tower-blocks of detailed knowledge erected for most part on the solid foundations of Drosophila genetics. On the other hand, there are studies aimed at elucidating what insect cytogenetics can tell us about the evolution and maintenance of genetic system, using techniques of genetics, ecology and ethology. These two aspects are, of course, inter-related, especially now that evolutionary changes are beginning to be interpreted in molecular terms.

This symposium brings them closer together. A review of the most recent advances in the field by leading researchers from all over the world, it will be valuable to the specialist and non-specialist alike.

ISBN  9780632005529


Please note books are slightly damaged due to storage


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