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12th Symposium Insect Communication

Trevor Lewis 1984 414pp

The elements and frontiers of insect communication; The world as the insect sees it; Insect hearing: acoustics and transduction; Neurophysiological aspects of insect olfaction; Chemistry of insect communication; Semiochemical-mediated aggregation and dispersion in the coleoptera; Alarm, defence and chemical ecology of social insects; Chemical words and phrases in the language of pheromones for foragign and recruitment; Vision in mating behaviour of fireflies; Acoustic signals in insect sexual behaviour; Olfactory sexual communication in lepidoptera: strategy, sensitivity and selectivity; Brood care and recognition of pupae in the honeybee (Apis mellifera) and the hornet (Vespa crabro); Sexual selection, competitive communication and species-specific signals in insects; How parasitoids locate their hosts: a case of insect espionage; Evolution of insect communication; The exploitation of insect communication by man - fact or fantasy?.

ISBN 0124471757


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