Cover of A Check List of British Insects - Part 4: Hymenoptera

A Check List of British Insects – Part 4: Hymenoptera


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Biological recording & species identification Hymenoptera

RES Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects

Volume 11, Part 4

M.G. Fitton, M.W.R. de V. Graham, Z.R.J. Bouček, N.D.M. Fergusson, T. Huddleston, J. Quinlan & O.W. Richards

1978 - 159 pages


ISBN: 9780901546500


The list of Hymenoptera in Kloet & Hincks’ original edition of this work (1945) was the first supposedly complete one published since 1837.

The present checklist incorporates the results of a great deal of further research. However, in only a small proportion of this research has particular attention been paid to the British fauna. Much basic taxonomy still remains to be done, especially in the Parasitica, both in terms of the British fauna and on a wider scale.

We hope that this new list will serve to summarize our current knowledge, draw attention to some of the areas where work is needed, and help to stimulate interest in the British Hymenoptera.

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