Cover of Physiological Entomology
Cover of Physiological Entomology

Physiological Entomology

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Edited by Shin G. Goto, Toby Bruce and Gregory Ragland


Published: Quarterly

Aims and Scope

Physiological Entomology broadly considers “how insects work” and how they are adapted to their environments at all levels from genes and molecules, anatomy and structure, to behaviour and interactions of whole organisms. We publish high quality experiment based papers reporting research on insects and other arthropods as well as occasional reviews. The journal thus has a focus on physiological and experimental approaches to understanding how insects function. The broad subject coverage of the Journal includes, but is not limited to:

  • experimental analysis of behaviour
  • behavioural physiology and biochemistry
  • neurobiology and sensory physiology
  • general physiology
  • circadian rhythms and photoperiodism
  • chemical ecology


physiological entomology, arthropods, behaviour, behavior, biochemistry, circadian rhythms, endocrinology, entomology, insects, neurobiology, parasitoids, parasitology, pheromones, photoperiodism, physiology

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Contribution correspondence

Shin G. Goto
Osaka City University, Japan
Email: [email protected] 

Toby Bruce
Rothamsted Research, UK
Email: [email protected] 

Gregory Ragland
University of Colorado, Denver
Email: [email protected] 

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