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Forest insects & their allies

Lastmeeting: 11th April 2019, University of Birmingham

Fourth Annual Forest Insect Group Meeting

Insects and their allies play a key role in forest ecosystem function, supporting processes such as decomposition and pollination. They are important to the natural control of pest species, whilst also forming the main part of this group. The UK forest estate, at around 12% land cover, is diverse being comprised of both native and non-native tree species ranging from ancient woodland to plantation and with varied management goals. Many UK forests are of conservation value, but low semi-natural forest cover means that highly managed plantations also have a role to play in supporting forest-associated insects and their allies.

The group meet annually to discuss current research and policy specifically related to forest insects, including their management (e.g. pest species) and conservation. The target audience of the group is academics, students, practitioners and other stakeholders. New members are welcome and can contact the convenor, Anne Oxbrough ( for details or to be added to the mailing list. Meetings are usually held in April with an annual e-newsletter produced in October. The group webpage ( ) features PDF downloads of presentations given at annual meetings and member details.

Download annual Newsletter here.


Dr Anne Oxbrough
Edge Hill University


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