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The Royal Entomological Society is devoted to the understanding and development of insect science. We support international collaboration, research and publication. We aim to show every person how remarkable and valuable insects are and want to enrich the world with insect science.

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29 April 2022

Student Award 2021 results

The Royal Entomological Society is excited to announce the winning, second and third place essay entries of the 2021 RES Student Award. To enter the annual entomology writing competition, students write an 800 word essay in english, on an insect-related topic of interest to the general public. Winner Leah Fitzpatrick Leah, MPhil/PhD Student at Oxford Brookes University, won the competition…

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11 March 2022

The Royal Entomological Society – Strategy 2022-25

The Royal Entomological Society introduces its strategy for 2022-25, which focuses on our new vision to ‘enrich the world with insect science’. The strategy has four strategic priorities: 1. Support the study and practice of insect science. 2. Increase public understanding of insect science. 3. Empower and support the entomological community. 4. Invest in our workforce and infrastructure. In developing…

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8 March 2022

Verrall Lecture 2022

Our communications team welcomes media enquiries – [email protected] PRESS RELEASE 7 March 2022 Insects in a warming world Professor Camille Parmesan, leading researcher into how life on earth is affected by climate change, has given the Royal Entomological Society’s prestigious Verrall Lecture this year. Professor Parmesan is Coordinating Lead Author for Working Group II of the 6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate…

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