Insects in Green Spaces
Insects in Green Spaces – Cover

Insects in green spaces digital booklet


Sections were written by Victoria Burton, Liam Crowley, Beulah Garner, Jim Hardie, Chris Hassall, Hayley Jones, Gary Needham, Francisca Sconce, Dominique Vassie and Shaun Winterton. Edited by Emilie Aimé and Francisca Sconce. Booklet designed at Cylinder. Thanks to Jim Hardie for proof reading. Cover image: Common blue butterfly, Polyommatus icarus by Simon Carder

2023 -


This guide from the Royal Entomological Society gives you an overview of the different types of insects, with advice on how you might create a place for them to live in a green space near you.


This digital booklet can be downloaded for free.

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