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Bridging weaver ant Credit Karunakaran Parameswaran Pillai
Bridging weaver ant Credit Karunakaran Parameswaran Pillai

Leaving a gift in your will to the Royal Entomological Society, no matter the size, makes a difference and helps preserve and improve entomology.

The Royal Entomological Society aims to improve and communicate insect science in the UK and around the world. Leaving a gift in your will to the Society will contribute to future of insect science.

You can also donate to the Society at any point to help secure the future of insect science.

Write your will for free and choose to leave a gift to the Royal Entomological Society 

When it comes to writing your will, it can be difficult to know where to start. We’re now able to share an easy way to provide for everyone and everything you care about.  

We’ve teamed up with Farewill, the UK’s leading will writing service, to help you get your will written online or over the phone. An easy-to-follow guide will help you at every stage, asking the right questions and making sure you are confident about the final document. 

As part of composing your will we hope that you are able to consider remembering the Royal Entomological Society. Leaving a gift to our charity can help inspire a new generation of entomologists and leave a legacy that can help secure the future of insect science. 

Leaving a gift in your will could help secure the future of entomology

The Royal Entomological Society has partnered with the UK’s best rated will writers Farewill to help you write your will for free.

With only an estimated 10% of the world’s insects identified, and an urgent need to develop entomological skills in the UK and around the world, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to grow our education and outreach programmes. In future years, we will inspire and support early career entomologists and those looking to enter the discipline to improve and share their skills with our global community.

Our Free Will Writing Service is available now, and every will is checked by a Farewill specialist.

Child looking through a microscope at the RES Garden

For legal reasons, this offer is only available if you live in the United Kingdom. 

For more information, please contact

Making your free online will in England and Wales 

If you live in England or Wales, you can write your will online in 20 minutes. There is live expert help and the option to update it at any time without the need to visit a solicitor’s office. Simply click on the ‘Write Your Free Online Will’  button below and enter the voucher code RES-WEB at checkout. You will receive your online will free of charge. The online will-writing service is not suitable if you: 

  • are resident in Scotland or Northern Ireland 
  • own assets outside of the UK 

If this applies to you, our phone will-writing service can help. 

If you need help or have any questions about completing your online will, please call the Farewill Hotline on 020 8154 5512.  

Making your free will over the phone 

If you are resident in Scotland or Northern Ireland, have assets outside the UK or perhaps you would just prefer to have a conversation with a Farewill expert you should use the phone service to claim your free will over the phone.   

You can complete an online form and the Farewill team will in touch to book an appointment:

Alternatively, call Farewill on 020 8154 5512 to book in a telephone will appointment. You must notify the Farewill Customer Service team at the very start of the call that you are a supporter of the Royal Entomological Society and wish to take advantage of our free wills service.  

Our promise to you 

Making a will is a critical step in ensuring your legacy. We understand that if you decide to remember the Royal Entomological Society in your will that your privacy must be respected at all times in a process that you control. We will never call you unless you request it. We will never ask you about your private affairs.  

You can also consider making a donation today if you wish to support our work or become a member of the Society.  

Thank you for supporting the future of entomology. 

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