Antenna Volume 48 (1) 2024 cover
Male feather-horned beetle Credit Kerry-Ann van Eeden

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Associate Editors: Jesamine Bartlett, Andrew Boardman (University of Hertfordshire), Benjamin Chanda (PATH, Zambia), Kimberly Gauci (Open University, Malta), Adam Hart (University of Gloucestershire), Louise McNamara (Teagasc, Ireland), Sajidha Mohammed (University of Calicut, India), Moses Musonda (Broadway Secondary School, Zambia), Claire Price (Harper Adams University), Stuart Reynolds (University of Bath), Yanet Sepúlveda De La Rosa (University of Sussex)

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Antenna Volume 48 (1) 2024 cover

Antenna Volume 48 (1) 2024

- Bed bugs: Don't panic!
- Climate change and insects: We don't know enough
- Honorary Fellow Interview - Stuart Reynolds

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Antenna Volume 47 (4) 2023

- No Nucleus: The puzzling infertile sperm of Lepidoptera
- Scratching the Surface: Connecting the Sarcoptic Mite and scabies
- Honorary Fellow Interview – Hefin Jones

Antenna Volume 47 (3) 2023 Cover featuring the RES Garden dome

Antenna Volume 47 (3) 2023

- An entomologist at Chelsea
- Meadows and insect conservation
- Featured Insect: Violet Oil Beetle, Melöe violaceus Marsham, 1802

Antenna Volume 47 (2) 2023

- Insect declines and ecosystems
- How farming could deliver for insects
- The RES goes to Chelsea, part 2

Antenna Volume 47 (1)

Antenna Volume 47 (1) 2023

- Minute exceptions: insects that live in the sea
- The challenges of rewilding for insects
- Honorary Fellow Interview - Jim Hardie

BORDER - Antenna Volume 46 (4) 2022

Antenna Volume 46 (4) 2022

- Confronting parachute research in MedVet Entomology
- Shaping the Future for Pollinators
- Westwood Medal Report

Antenna 46 (3)

Antenna Volume 46 (3) 2022

- Honorary Fellow Interview – Јeremy Thomas
- Insect Odyssey: Insects, Books and the Artistic Imagination
- RES Awards
- Obituary – Dr Roger Blackman

Antenna Volume 46 (2) 2022

- Obituary - Professor Simon R. Leather
- RES Strategy Launch
- Insect Molecular Biology: an introduction to the journal

Antenna Volume 46 (1) 2022

- A New Chapter – The New RES Strategy and Brand
- Honorary Fellow Interview – Robin Wootton
- Urban Oasis at the Lancashire Science Festival
- Obituary – Professor Walter M. Blaney

Cover of Antenna Volume 45 (4) 2021

Antenna Volume 45 (4) 2021

- Insect haemoglobins: from oddity to ubiquity
- Eating insects in the modern world
- Tips for insect photos from a total amateur Charles Ferriére

Cover of Antenna 45 (3) 2021

Antenna Volume 45 (3) 2021

- Social Insects and the Fountain of Youth
- Understanding Butterfly Mimicry
- Honorary Fellow Interviews – Erica McAlister & Laurence Mound
- Obituary - Professor Barbara Ekbom

Cover of Antenna 45 (2) 2021

Antenna Volume 45 (2) 2021

- Chemical warfare in fungus-farming ants
- Honorary Fellow Interview – Jane Memmott
- Obituaries