the long and winding road Credit Sharon Repton
the long and winding road Credit Sharon Repton

PhD opportunities

If you have a funded insect-related or entomology PhD or Masters opportunity please send us the details

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The mechanisms of cognition in bees and flies

PhD position in Insect Biodiversity and Biogeography

Plastivore Plasticity: characterising metabolic flexibility in an emerging biotechnological system to manage plastic waste

Biodiversity and solar farms: risks and opportunities

summer placements for undergraduate students: Benefits of habitat restoration for rare and common wild pollinators

Functional variation in arthropod performance across agro-ecosystems

Fungal disease risks under landscape homogenisation: tracking fungal transmission across plant-pollinator networks using contemporary and historic museum specimens

Developing in vitro techniques to investigate host-parasite interactions in shrimps

Wetland recovery from extreme events

Developing an integrated tool to assess soil health in agricultural settings

Plant Health Undergraduate Studentship – Investigating genetic resistance to insect pests in Oilseed Rape

Plant Health Undergraduate Studentship – Assessing aphid management techniques

Plant Health Undergraduate Studentship – How plant chemicals affect the spread of viruses in wheat

Research projects

Understanding the ecological and evolutionary effects of heatwaves in tropical species and ecological communities

Towards insect-mimetic acoustic hierarchical structures

Molecular mechanism of innate immunity mediated by the Toll/IL1 receptor signalling pathways