the long and winding road Credit Sharon Repton
the long and winding road Credit Sharon Repton

If you have a funded insect-related or entomology PhD or Masters opportunity please send us the details [email protected]

The ecology of a ground wētā in vineyards

Novel use of remote and molecular monitoring tools to study plant-pollinator interactions in fruit crops

HFSP funded studentship on the evolution of insect sperm form and function

Identification and characterisation of novel flavivirus protease cleavages sites in mammalian and insect cells using N-terminomics

Teagasc PhD Walsh Scholarship Opportunity in Entomology – AIDE: mAnaging aphIDs in cEreal

Bees and Buzz Pollination In Crops: Evaluating The Potential For Matching Bee Vibrations and Buzz-Pollinated Crops To Improve Fruit Yield

Comparative genomics of insects and their microbiomes to explain feeding ecology dynamics

Developing a sustainable management system for the diamondback moth, a globally important crop pest

Genomics-driven exploitation of aphid-killing bacteria as a source of novel biopesticides

Functional assays for purified hormone transport proteins

The role of polyploidy across the lifespan of epithelial tissues

Incorporating silicon-based bioproducts into crop protection programmes to improve agricultural sustainability

Developing novel biostimulant products based on Black Soldier Fly by-products for sustainable agriculture