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The Alamo! Credit Icy Ho
The Alamo! Credit Icy Ho

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions visiting the library is not possible for members or fellows. However, we welcome all enquiries by email to

Library holdings

The Library’s strengths are in general biology and taxonomy of insects, particularly with reference to the Western Palaearctic Region. However, the Library aims to acquire major works of reference covering all aspects of insect biology, without any geographical bias. The stock in the Library includes some 11,000 books and 750 journal titles, of which 160 are taken currently. The stock comprises all Orders of insects as well as a small section on spiders.

Please e-mail your copy requests to the librarian using the Copy request form.

For copying costs please see the Copy Fees.

No library can achieve comprehensive coverage in its subject area nowadays and if you find that the book or journal which you require is not available “in house”, efforts can be made to obtain it elsewhere.

The Society has a reciprocal arrangement with the Zoological Society of London Library whereby Fellows and Members can visit and use their Library and we can obtain photocopies of items from them. We also belong to the British Library network and have good contacts with the Natural History Museum Library and other Entomological Libraries.

Library Database

The Library has an accessible database/catalogue of the library’s book and journal holdings which is located here. For access please contact the Librarian for a pin number.

Rare books

There is a rare book collection – not normally loaned – including about 1000 early entomological works, pre-dating 1850. Please arrange an appointment with the Librarian if you wish to consult any of these books.

Archival material

A collection of diaries, letters and photographs of eminent entomologists is maintained and can be made available for study. Please arrange an appointment with the Librarian if you wish to consult any of these books.


The Library houses about 30,000 reprints, including the Rothschild collection of papers on Siphonaptera. The Catalogue of the reprint collection is currently being added to the library database.

Partnerships with other Societies

We are committed to offering services to the entomological community and to our partnerships with the British Entomological and Natural History Society (BENHS) and the Amateur Entomologists Society (AES). If you would like to access RES library services as a BENHS or AES member, please email

The librarian.

The Librarian, Val McAtear, may be contacted by phone on 01727 899387 (International +44 1727 899387) or email: during normal office hours.

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