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Our staff, trustees, representatives and Honorary Fellows are the forefront of supporting the society, offering superior guidance and going the extra mile in sharing knowledge and enthusiasm for insect science.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, applying to become a fellow or are otherwise interested in entomology, please take a look at our membership page or feel free to contact us at info@royensoc.co.uk for more information on what we do here at the Royal Entomological Society.

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Honorary Fellowship (Hon.FRES) is the highest honour bestowed by the Royal Entomological Society.

Society Reps help support members and organise events for those in their local region or area.

Student Reps act as a voice for students and provide ideas on how to improve the student membership experience.

Our committees and members.

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Senior Leadership

portrait of Simon Ward Mem.RES

Simon Ward Mem.RES

Chief Executive Officer

portrait of Dr Luke Tilley FRES

Dr Luke Tilley FRES

Director of Communications & Engagement

portrait of Emilie Aimé Mem.RES

Emilie Aimé Mem.RES

Director of Publishing

portrait of Steven Lee Mem.RES

Steven Lee Mem.RES

Director of Finance & Operations


portrait of Professor Jane Stout FRES

Professor Jane Stout FRES

President Elect

portrait of Professor Walter Leal Hon.FRES

Professor Walter Leal Hon.FRES

Chair of Membership Committee

portrait of Professor Jane Hill OBE Hon.FRES

Professor Jane Hill OBE Hon.FRES


portrait of Professor Adam Hart FRES

Professor Adam Hart FRES

Vice President & Chair of Outreach Committee

portrait of Professor Lynn Dicks FRES

Professor Lynn Dicks FRES


portrait of Dr Rebecca Farley-Brown FRES

Dr Rebecca Farley-Brown FRES

Vice President

portrait of Dr Richard Harrington Hon.FRES

Dr Richard Harrington Hon.FRES

Chair of Meetings Committee

portrait of Dr Guðbjörg Inga (Gia) Aradóttir FRES

Dr Guðbjörg Inga (Gia) Aradóttir FRES


portrait of Dr Shaun Winterton FRES

Dr Shaun Winterton FRES

Chair of Publications Committee

portrait of Dr Joe Roberts FRES

Dr Joe Roberts FRES

Early Career Trustee

portrait of Moses Musonda Mem.RES

Moses Musonda Mem.RES


portrait of Professor Seirian Sumner FRES

Professor Seirian Sumner FRES

Chair of Library Committee

portrait of Dr Allan Watt Hon.FRES

Dr Allan Watt Hon.FRES



portrait of Amy Everard Mem.RES

Amy Everard Mem.RES

Events Manager

portrait of Anne Weinhold Mem.RES

Anne Weinhold Mem.RES

Business Development and Fundraising Manager

portrait of Jen Banfield-Zanin FRES

Jen Banfield-Zanin FRES

Editorial Coordinator

portrait of Gulam Hussain Mem.RES

Gulam Hussain Mem.RES

Membership Officer

portrait of Jemma Gannon Mem.RES

Jemma Gannon Mem.RES

Finance & Governance Administrator

portrait of Bianca Saccone Mem.RES

Bianca Saccone Mem.RES

Digital & Media Officer

portrait of Rose Pearson Mem.RES

Rose Pearson Mem.RES

Librarian & Archivist

portrait of Kate Watkiss Mem.RES

Kate Watkiss Mem.RES

Facilities Officer

portrait of Francisca Sconce Mem.RES

Francisca Sconce Mem.RES

Senior Outreach & Learning Officer

portrait of Sarah Meredith Mem.RES

Sarah Meredith Mem.RES

Conservation Project Officer

portrait of David Simcox Mem.RES

David Simcox Mem.RES

Conservation Project Manager

portrait of Professor Jim Hardie Hon.FRES

Professor Jim Hardie Hon.FRES

Resident Entomologist

awaiting portrait

Monika Wielgus


Honorary Fellows

Regional Representatives

Student Representatives