Image of Allan Watt
Image of Allan Watt


Year of Fellowship, 1978
Year of Honorary Fellowship, 2015

Dr Allan Watt is a Science Area Lead at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh UK. His research includes developing methods for quantifying and monitoring biodiversity and ecosystem services, the impact of land use change, climate change and other drivers of biodiversity loss. Dr Watt also works on identifying and managing conflicts between human activities and the conservation of biodiversity, and the biodiversity science-policy interface. He has been involved in over twelve European (EU-funded) projects on biodiversity and has previously worked on biodiversity in tropical forests.

Dr Watt has also worked on forest pests (including the pine beauty moth and the mahogany shoot borer), agricultural pests and the invasive rodent the coypu (Myocaster coypus). He is a former Vice-President of the Royal Entomological and has edited several of its publications. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the RES journal Agricultural and Forest Entomology.

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