Troops on the move Credit Milton Barbosa
Troops on the move Credit Milton Barbosa
Banner image for Aquatic Insect SIG, Broad Bodied Chaser dragonfly on a stick agains at green background.

Aquatic insects

A forum for the discussion and dissemination of results from studies of aquatic insects.

Green stick insect camouflaged again green leaves Credit © João Petronilho


A forum for the exchange of information, ideas and techniques relating to insect behaviour.

Caddis fly egg mass on leaf overhanging water, Credit Danny Beath

Climate change

A forum for the discussion of studies into the impacts of anthropogenic climate change on all aspects of insect biology and ecology.

Mating Marsh Fritillary butterflies, on a branch, with a green bakcground Credit Mark Pike


A forum for the dissemination and discussion of results from studies on the conservation of insects.

The nocturnal bull ant, Myrmecia pyriformis, with white background and size scale with graduations in mm.


Brings together those interested in using comparative arthropod data.

Three mating pairs of damselflies, with blue ksy background and reflection on water.


Covers all topics from applied to evolutionary ecology.

Bumblebee with electronic antenna attched, sitting on a human thumb. Credit Tumbling Dice Ltd

Electronics & Computing

Interface of insect science, life sciences, and the physical and engineering sciences.

Canapes with mealworms Credit Peter Smithers

Food & Feed

Brings together a diverse range of people from across the insects as food and feed industry.

Stag beetle on a tree with woodland background. Credit Zoltan Gyori

Forest Invertebrates

Discusses current research and policy specifically related to forest insects, including their management (e.g. pest species) and conservation.

Ilustration of fruit flies on black circuitboard with green wiring Credit Omar Akbari


Brings together both genomics practitioners and those using genomics techniques in Entomology.

Rose aphids on a green leaf


A forum for the discussion of studies in aphid biology.

Close up of Zerynthia polyxena butterfly wing Credit Petar Sabol


A forum for the exchange of information, ideas and techniques relating to all aspects of the arthropod cuticle.

Insect against a blue background

Infection & Immunity

Focuses on how insects interact with their pathogens and parasites.

Magnified image of male mosquito head Credit Peter Barnard

Medical & Veterinary

Focuses on the direct relationships of insects with humans and animals, especially livestock.

Group of flying Amblycorypha oblongifolia (bush crickets) against a sky background. Credit Martin Tampier


A forum for the discussion of all aspects of research and outreach involving Orthoptera.

child and adult with an insect pooter, collecting tube and sweep net. Credit: Royal Entomological Society


Focuses on how entomologists communicate with the public and how the public connects with entomology in return.

Wasp laying egg.


Aims to promote and disseminate research on insect parasitoids.

6-spot burnet moth, Zygaena filipendulae, and common drone fly, Eristalis tenax, on brown knapweed Credit Jessica Caterson


Focuses on insects that play a role in pollination.

Insect cultures in containers Credit Francisca Sconce


Focuses on insect rearing for scientific enquiry.

Sustainable agriculture

Raises the profile of insects as an important component of farmland biodiversity.

Burying beetle with young Credit Tom Houslay


Focuses on the biology insect symbionts and their use as model systems.

Illustrations of two male adults of Strepsiptera (from Curtis 1823)


Focuses on insect identification and descriptive taxonomy.

Black Soldier Fly Head - (Hermetia illucens) by Thomas Shahan

Welfare & Ethics

A forum for the discussion of insect welfare and ethics.