Stag beetle on a tree with woodland background. Credit Zoltan Gyori

About this Group


Insects and their allies play a key role in forest ecosystem function, supporting processes such as decomposition and pollination. They are important to the natural control of pest species, whilst also forming the main part of this group.

This Special Interest Group provides a friendly and inclusive forum for the sharing of all aspects of study and investigation involving forest invertebrates, and welcomes anyone interested in their interactions with trees, woodlands and forests. The group aims to meet annually to share research and observations related to forest invertebrates, including their conservation, management (e.g. of damaging species), and ecosystem services. All sessions and membership are informal and we welcome amateur entomologists, students, practitioners, academics and anyone with an interest in forests and the invertebrates within them.

Don’t miss out on Forest Invertebrate News in Antenna, where we shine a spotlight on forest invertebrate species, recent research developments, topics of interest and many other areas. Short articles written by the wider group (including yourself) are actively encouraged.

New participants are very welcome from anywhere in the world, and can contact the convenors for details, to be added to the mailing list, or to offer a short piece of wider interest to the group for inclusion in a regular Antenna magazine article.