child and adult with an insect pooter, collecting tube and sweep net. Credit: Royal Entomological Society
SIG_Public Understanding

About this Group

Outreach & science communication Teaching & education

The group focuses on how entomologists communicate with the public and how the public connects with entomology in return. The aim is to draw on a wide range of experiences from the classroom, the media and politics to improve the communication and perception of insect science. The group provides an opportunity to debate how key concepts in entomology can be tailored for different audiences to achieve the greatest impact.



  • 2020 Meeting

    A panel discussion about entomological outreach under the 2020 pandemic lockdown, chaired by Ashleigh Whiffin (National Museums Scotland), with Richard Harrington (Royal Entomological Society), Nick Baker, (Wildlife Presenter & Author), Prof Helen Roy (UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology & RES President), Prof Adam Hart (University of Gloucester) and Francisca Sconce (RES Outreach & Engagement).

    Click here to watch the recording of the 2020 meeting.