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About this Group

Aquatic insects Marine biology

The Aquatic Insect Special Interest Group provides a forum for the discussion and dissemination of results from studies of aquatic insects.  The group was launched in 2002 and the most recent meeting focussed on the impacts of climate change in aquatic insects.  If you would like to suggest a topic for a future meeting or would like to present a talk or poster at a meeting, please contact the convenor.



  • 2022 Meeting

    The 2022 meeting included a Day 2 Workshop on the Extraction, Visualisation and Analysis of Aquatic Insect Data.

    Bill Brierley

    Richard Chadd – an appreciation

    Genevieve Tompkins

    Rare invertebrates in the Cairngorms: delving into stoneflies

    Craig Macadam

    Siphlonurus species in the UK

    Ian Wallace

    Improving the identification of Lype caddis larvae – where a team approach might help

    Steve French

    Moth trap intruders (unexpected visitors to light)

    Sophie Ratcliffe

    Widening the Network – a new collaboration for recording

    Natali Nikolova

    Matchmaking in stoneflies – Perlodes mortoni mating calls

    Jennifer Dodd

    Does River Channel Re-Configuration Change Macroinvertebrate Communities?

    Ian Wallace/Craig Macadam

    Updates from the Recording Schemes

  • 2019 Meeting