Portrait of Moses Musonda Mem.RES
Portrait of Moses Musonda Mem.RES


Moses Musonda Mem.RES, is a passionate young Zambian scientific researcher whose area of focus is entomology. Apart from attaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology, Moses is a holder of a Masters of Philosophy in Biology from the Copperbelt University in Zambia and he is in the process of beginning his pursuit for a PhD in the same field. Living in a Malaria endemic country like Zambia, his fascination has always been associated with the major Malaria vectors such as Anopheles gambiaeAnopheles funestus and Anopheles arabiensis which have been responsible for Malaria transmission in his country. (https://www.ijstr.org/paper-references.php?ref=IJSTR-0319-20076)

From a tender age, Moses has always believed in the significant role played by entomologists in ensuring that vector borne diseases are eradicated using the skills and knowledge from entomology. His participation and interactions with other researchers, both within and abroad, have enhanced his knowledge and understanding of the critical role played by entomology in combating various diseases in different societies. Currently, Moses works as a Science teacher under the Ministry of general education in Zambia and is a part time lecturer of Biology at a local university. He is also a committee member of the Zambia Association of Science educators.

Currently, Moses is on a voluntary basis serving as project manager, project and innovations development under Science Africa Foundation, an education NGO that empowers girls and learners with special education needs with scientific innovations to develop projects in 3 rural districts of Zambia, serving 1600 learners and 1,580 households to preserve vegetation as a basis for insect growth. He has significantly lead a team in developing quantum botanical farm in Kapiri mposhi district were learners are empowered with skills of bee keeping, fish, butterflies, black soldier flies, birds and other insects that are pivolt ecosystemic biosphere. We hope to expand our services if more resources and exposure are accessed. Moses is delighted to have the opportunity to be committee member of the Royal Entomological Society and is looking forward to working with the membership to promote entomology.

portrait of Moses Musonda Mem.RES