Portrait of Prof Jim Hardie FRES
Portrait of Prof Jim Hardie FRES

Resident Entomologist

Year of Fellowship, 1979
Year of Honorary Fellowship, 2021

Professor Jim Hardie is Resident Entomologist and has been a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society for over 40 years.  During that time he has been President, 2006-2008, Vice-President 1999-2000, Treasurer/Honorary Officer 2009-2011, Council Member/Trustee 1998-2001 and 2004-2006. He was an editor of Physiological Entomology 2001-2013, editorial adviser to the journal from 1987-2001 and 2013-2017.  He has been Consulting Editor to Antenna since 2011.

Jim has a BSc (Hons) from Brunel University London, a PhD from the University of Birmingham and a DSc from the University of London.  He has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and the Royal Microscopical Society.  Jim is Professor Emeritus at Imperial College London where he studied the eco-physiology of aphids and in particular the mechanisms involved in wing determination and the seasonal/day-length control of the mode of reproduction as well as the chemical ecology of aphid-plant and aphid-aphid interactions.  He also held Honorary positions in the Netherlands, USA, Japan and South Korea.

In addition to aphids, Jim has a fondness for maggots since childhood fishing expeditions and his PhD studies on their neuromuscular physiology.

portrait of Professor Jim Hardie Hon.FRES