President Elect

Jane is an internationally renowned expert on pollinator and pollination ecology, and a prominent voice for biodiversity and its value. Her research seeks to understand how land management practices, including agriculture and urbanisation, affect ecological processes and the benefits of nature for humans. Jane works across disciplines, and with a broad range of stakeholders in public and private organisations, to improve environmental policy and practice. She leads a large team of researchers in the Plant-Animal Interactions Research group in Botany, in the School of Natural Sciences in Trinity. She is co-founder and Chair of the Board of the Irish Forum on Natural Capital, and co-founder and deputy Chair of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

Won most cited review award from the Ecological Society of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (GFÖ) 2021

British Ecological Society Ecological Engagement Prize winner 2017

Elected Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society 2015

Elected Fellow of Trinity College Dublin 2011

portrait of Professor Jane Stout FRES