Image of Jane Hill
Image of Jane Hill


Year of Fellowship, 1989
Year of Honorary Fellowship, 2016

Professor Jane Hill OBE Hon.FRES is the current president of the Royal Entomological Society.

Prof. Hill has research interests that focus on the effects of habitat degradation and climate change on biodiversity, with particular emphasis on temperate and tropical insects. She studies climate-driven range shifts of species at their leading-edge and trailing-edge range boundaries, and the factors affecting species’ ability to respond to climate and habitat changes. This is done using the analysis of historical records, collecting new field data, and the development of theoretical models.

At the University of York, UK, Prof. Hill also explores potential methods for promoting adaptation of biodiversity to climate warming, for example by examining whether improving habitat connectivity will aid species’ range shifts, and the role of Protected Areas. She also works on methods for conserving biodiversity in tropical habitats, including logged forests and oil palm plantations.

Prof. Hill worked as Associate Editor then Editor-in-Chief of the RES journal Ecological Entomology from 2001-2016 and was the 2011 recipient of the Zoological Society of London’s Marsh Award for Conservation Biology.

portrait of Professor Jane Hill OBE Hon.FRES