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Ayman Asiri

Student Representative

I grew up fascinated by entomology, progressing from keeping woodlice farms, to tarantulas and praying mantises. I did my undergraduate in Biological Sciences at the University of Plymouth, graduating in 2020. While I was studying, I undertook a placement year working as a curatorial assistant in an entomology laboratory. It was there that I realised I could pursue entomology as a career, and after graduating I went on to complete an MSc by Research in Entomology at the University of Reading.

During my degrees I had the opportunity to work on a range of entomology-based research projects including isopod immunity, ladybird disease and colour forms, and spider biodiversity. I am now in the second year of my PhD at Cardiff University, researching how honey bees use smell to detect and respond to infectious disease within the hive.

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