Alan Stewart
Alan Stewart
Year of Honorary Fellowship, 2014

Dr Alan Stewart is a Senior Lecturer in Ecology at the University of Sussex. His research interests are Invertebrate community ecology, especially in temperate grasslands, tropical and temperate forests; restoration of species-rich invertebrate communities after intensive agriculture; invertebrate conservation; and the ecology and conservation of selected insect species, including glow worms, Lampyris noctiluca and Donacia reed beetles.

He also works on the ecology, systematics and biogeography of leafhoppers (Auchenorrhyncha); insect-plant interactions, especially the control of insect herbivore pests; ecology and genetics of colour/pattern polymorphism in insects.

Dr Stewart has a long association with the Society, especially in relation to insect conservation and he is currently the convenor of the RES Conservation Special Insect Group.

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