Portrait of Professor Adam Hart FRES
Portrait of Professor Adam Hart FRES

Vice President & Chair of Outreach Committee

Year of Fellowship, 2008

Professor Adam Hart FRES is based at the University of Gloucestershire, where he is Professor of Science Communication in the School of Natural and Social Science. Adam’s insect-based work is split between research and outreach. He is especially interested in the social insects, having completed a PhD at Sheffield on work organisation in leafcutting ants, honeybees, and stingless bees. Recently, has developed citizen science methods to study, among other things, ant nuptial flights and social wasp abundance and distribution. Linked to his academic work, Adam has written and presented more than 20 documentaries and series for BBC Radio 4 and World Service, as well as presenting documentaries on ants and bees for BBC4 and BBC2. As an author, he has written two popular science books and is the co-author of the OUP textbook Applied Ecology. 

Away from insects, Adam studies African conservation and is involved in ecological and methodological research at sites and projects in southern Africa. His work, with colleagues at the University of Gloucestershire, on the use of thermal imaging to combat poaching was the winner of the 2019 UK Higher Education Green Gowns award for Research with Impact.   

A Fellow since 2010, Adam was elected as a Trustee in 2020 and currently serves as the Chair of the Outreach and Development committee. He co-founded the RES children’s magazine Instar with Luke Tilley and is an Asociate Editor of Antenna.  His favourite UK insect is the scorpion fly Panorpa communis.

portrait of Professor Adam Hart FRES