Rebecca Kilner
Rebecca Kilner
Year of Honorary Fellowship, 2018

Professor Rebecca Kilner is an evolutionary biologist from the  University of Cambridge, a Fellow of Pembroke College and Head of University’s Department of Zoology.

Rebecca’s research investigates how social behaviour evolves, and how it then changes the course of evolution. Although she began her research career by studying birds, she saw the light about 15 years ago when she realised she could ask much more interesting evolutionary questions if she focused her work on insects. Her current research combines experimental evolution on laboratory populations of burying beetles with field experiments and population genomics.

Rebecca became 1866 Professor of Zoology at Cambridge University in 2023, was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 2021 and in 2010 received the Scientific Medal from the Zoological Society of London. You can listen to her talking about her work on the BBC Radio 4’s Life Scientific.

Professor Rebecca Kilner was selected to give the Verrall Lecture 2024.

portrait of Professor Rebecca Kilner Hon.FRES