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Student Representative

My interest in exploring biodiversity began already in my school days, but my passion for insects – especially bumblebees and beetles – was only utterly ignited by a 3-month stay in a nature reserve in Havelland. After that, I took as many courses on insects as possible in my Undergraduate at Freie University of Berlin and spent many weekends outdoors with a sweeping net, and many hours more identifying them afterwards. During my Master in Biology and Ecology at University of Greifswald, I had the opportunity to investigate different study fields such as the impact of pesticide exposure on reproduction in wild bees and the impact of artificial light on activity of carabid beetles.

I am particularly interested in the interface between Applied Ecology and Nature Conservation, and how different environmental schemes affect the conservation of insect diversity. Therefore, I am now investigating ground beetle diversity in flower strips in my PhD at the University of Potsdam.

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