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May 1-22 2023

RHS Chelsea 2023 behind the scenes – What a week! Slotting together the pieces of the lab structure, gabion progression, log feature and habitat panels ready to welcome some esteemed guests 🪵

We feel very lucky to be one of the charities supported by Project Giving Back this year. It’s incredible to watch all of the gardens come to life 🦋

The first tiny visitor of the #RESGarden, a Alder leaf beetle (Agelastica alni)

The first tiny visitor of the #RESGarden, a lovely Alder leaf beetle (Agelastica alni). It overwinters as adults which emerge in the spring.

Fun fact: the log it has chosen to visit was a part of an original tree from the Mansion House garden in St Albans, UK where RES HQ currently resides. The tree required felling, but has been given new life as a part of our garden for RHS Chelsea Flower Show and will remain a natural home for insects in its permanent relocation in Stratford.

The lab roof, inspired by the insect eye, was designed in collaboration with Spaceplates Building System (N55, Anne Romme and Anne Bagger) and Cake Industries.

Another visitor to the #RESGarden, a black-headed Cardinal beetle (Pyrochroa coccinea). In the UK it is generally common in southeast England. Adults are short-lived and have a brief season, usually appearing in April, becoming common through May and early June, found typically in wooded areas with a supply of decaying logs and fallen timber

Watch the magic happen…


The Royal Entomological Society is a non-profit organisation and relies on publishing, membership and donations to pursue its support of scientific, educational, ecological and entomological causes.
We plan to relocate the RES garden to central London with a new education program providing a long-term opportunity for insect study as part of our planned UK network of gardens. The garden will show how remarkable and valuable insects are with visible insect science taking place in the unique – insect eye inspired – outdoor laboratory.
Much like the diversity of insects, there are many ways to support us and our work – your contribution, no matter how big or small, makes a huge impact and enables us to continue to enrich the world with insect science.

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