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The Douglas Boyes Fund has been established in honour of Douglas Boyes (1996-2021), an esteemed entomologist specialising in Lepidoptera.

The Fund aims to provide young people aged 14-18 with access to entomology equipment, fostering their passion for insects and the natural world and inspiring them to engage and share their interest with other young individuals.  

The Grant: The Grant supports young people that would like support with equipment to help further their passion for insects/ Successful applicants will be based on the specified criteria. The maximum individual grant will be £300-£500, with a total annual allocation of up to £1,500-£2,000pa.  

Award Panel: The award panel will assess entries and consist of Douglas’s family, RES trustees and members. The panel will be chaired by Dr Joe Roberts (Chair, Education & Training Committee, Early Career Trustee),

Application and Notification: Grant applications will be accepted once a year, with a deadline of 31st December. Successful applicants will be notified in mid-February to allow for equipment to purchased before the main field season in the UK.

Photo of Douglas Boyes with a sweep net in a field

Criteria for Selection: Applicants should submit a 3-minute video or 500 word statement to Selection will take into account age and socio-economic background and other protected characteristics, aligned to RES EDI policies.

Key considerations for selection include providing access to young individuals who may otherwise lack opportunities, ensuring the benefits of the grant extend beyond the applicant, and fostering a profound interest in entomology that will likely continue into adulthood.

These points should be addressed in written and video applications:

  1. Please tell us how the Douglas Boyes Fund will support your passion for insects. 
  1. What equipment / books would you buy if you were successful, and why? 
  1. How would this help you to communicate to others about the wonder of insects? 

Communication: Upon receiving the equipment, successful applicants will be required to communicate their experiences to wider audiences. This may include writing a blog post or other written piece, creating a series of social media content (such as TikTok videos, Instagram posts, tweets, vlogs, etc.). The communication method is to be agreed in advance with the RES. A link to Douglas’s memorial website,, and acknowledgment of the RES, to be included in all communication materials.  

Consolation Prize: To encourage emerging entomologists who do not receive the grant, the RES will send a consolation prize to inspire further participation in entomology.

If you prefer to make a video submission instead, please submit this to

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