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Insect Week 2024

24 June 30 June BST

Insect Week Logo 2023

Our annual celebration of the ‘little things that run the world’ returns for 2024

Insect Week is our annual celebration of the ‘little things that run the world’, dedicated to encouraging people of all ages to learn more about insects.

The Royal Entomological Society organises the week, supported by a large number of partner organisations with interests in the science, natural history and conservation of insects.

We look forward to all types of activities relating to insects including: art workshops, bug hunts, talks, exhibitions, discussion panels, media programmes, interactive exhibitions, art performances, school visits. If you would like to host an activity, please contact Fran Sconce.

Find out more at www.insectweek.org

What is an insect?
Why are they important?
What is an entomologist?

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Visit the Insect Week Events page to find an event near you during Insect Week. We will be listing some of these nearer the time.

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Biological Records

Biological records build a picture of where an insect species occurs (distribution), when it occurs in the year (phenology) and the habitat the insect is associated with (ecology). To monitor insect species, and see whether they are increasing or decreasing, we need detailed biological records to be collated over time. Your records can help ‘measure the health’ of insects in the UK.

Learn how to Record Insect Species here.


Insect Week Photography Competition

The Insect Week Photography Competition is back again this year! Submit your best insect-themed photos for prizes and features. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before entering.

Insect Week Art Competition

Photography not your thing? We also have an Art Competition – Visit the Art & Photography Competition page to enter now.

Insect Week Art Competition credit Dominique Vassie

Instar Magazine

Instar Volume 4

Instar Magazine

Why not check out our digital magazine for young entomologists?

Find out more about insects and those people who study them in an exciting third edition of our digital magazine.

Read about metamorphosis, insect mouth parts, how insects hear & how to draw them!

Read Instar magazine online.

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Just tag us with @InsectWeek in posts with images, text, reels or your preferred medium and we will endeavour to share and feature as many as possible through our stories or reposts during #InsectWeek24 – Let’s do our best this week to share our love, respect and knowledge of insects!

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