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Frequently Asked Questions about Membership and Fellowship Renewal

We have moved our subscription renewal payments online to keep your personal data secure and facilitate payments as securely as possible. Here are our most frequently asked questions related to membership renewals. If you cannot find what you need then we are happy to help, please email [email protected] to contact the team.

Q: How much will my renewal cost?

You can find all our current subscription rates and concessions here.

Q: How do I renew my subscription?

Using the website for the first time? First, create your member account on our new website. If you have already logged in then see below to renews your subscription.

1.           Click on “My Account” in the top righthand corner of the window.

2.           Recover password using the email address that we hold for you. Please email [email protected] if you wish to be reminded or change that email address.

3.           You will receive an email with the subject ‘Password Reset Request for Royal Entomological Society’.

4.           Follow the email instructions to ‘Click to reset your password’, enter and confirm a password (at least 12 characters long).

5.           You are now logged in to your member account.

Renewing your subscription? (please ensure that cookies are enabled for full payment functionality)

1.           Login to your account

2.           You are now looking at your account dashboard where you can pay subscriptions, change your details and select communication preferences.

3.           Click on ‘My Subscription(s)’ and select ‘Add payment’ to set up a payment method. Then click ‘Renew now’, check your details and ‘Place order’.

4.           Check and change your details: By clicking “My Profile”

Q: What does going “paperless” mean?

Selecting “paperless” on your account means that you will receive all correspondence and Antenna magazine by email instead of by mail. Members can read the latest Antenna issues here when logged into their member account.

Q: Why can’t I enter my card details?

To get full payment functionality from our website please enable cookies. You can enable cookies by accepting the automated prompt that appears at the bottom of the window when visiting the site.


By visiting, clicking “Cookie Settings” and ensuring that “functional cookies” are allowed.

Q: Why can I not see my membership or fellowship information after creating my account?

It is likely that we have a different email attributed to your account. If you know it, please use the email address that we have on record. If you would like to change the email address or be reminded then please contact us [email protected]

Q: Can I renew without logging in?

Paying your subscription renewal through the website is the quickest and safest way to pay. However, we can still accommodate bank transfers, cheques by post and card payments by phone. Please contact [email protected]

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