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Paid summer odonate field work in Norway and Finland

Hello! The Lancaster Lab within the University of Aberdeen School of Biological Sciences (Aberdeen UK) is looking for a short-term research technician (3 months) to join our team to investigate ecological and evolutionary processes associated with range shifts caused by climate change.

As climates are warming, many species, and particularly insects, are moving to higher latitudes that have become newly suitable. To better understand this process, our team will be travelling to Norway and Finland in summer 2022 to conduct latitudinal sampling transects of the rapidly-range expanding insect species, the blue-tailed damselfly (Ischnura elegans).

Fieldwork will be conducted by a postdoctoral research associate and 1-2 research technicians (this post).

The job requires field sampling (capturing damselflies by net), and taking field data and samples to a high quality and precision.

Good identification skills are a plus, as is the ability to occasionally work long hours in the field under various weather conditions.

Previous fieldwork experience a plus.

Valid, clean drivers license required.

Candidate must be a UK resident and not requiring a visa for UK employment.

Salary will be £18,852 – £19,623 pa with placement according to qualifications and experience; travel expenses will further be covered.

We aim to have candidates in post by May 20, 2022.

Please send informal enquiries or CV and cover letter to Lesley Lancaster, e-mail:

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