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The Royal Entomological Society and comedy star Lloyd of the Flies shine a light on the wonderful world of insects.

Lloyd is a housefly and the hero of Aardman’s children’s comedy series, Lloyd of the Flies. He is the first ever non-human Ambassador of the Royal Entomological Society. Lloyd and his friends have teamed up with the insect scientists at the RES to create a fun and fascinating interactive Bug Hunt and we can’t wait to hear what you think! 

Meet Lloyd

This is Lloyd, a young fly who lives in a rotting apple with his parents, little sister PB and 224 maggot siblings! With his best friend Abacus the woodlouse, Lloyd often gets himself into sticky situations.

Lloyd and Abacus

The Bug Hunt

Lloyd’s family has booked a stay at a luxury bug hotel but Lloyd has lost the map. He’s also managed to misplace his family and friends.

Follow the trail in the RES Garden at Stratford Cross to find Lloyd and his friends. Download the augmented reality app, scan the markers and shrink down to fly size and see the world through insect eyes!

Free to download, search for ‘Bug Hunt’.

Enter the location code: 1833. 

Learn about insects

As you follow the trail, find out more about bugs with fascinating facts from our team of experts at the Royal Entomological Society, like entomologist, fly expert and RES Honorary Fellow Dr Erica McAlister Hon.FRES.

Erica McAlister

Get closer to nature with this fun, interactive and informative experience for the whole family.

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