About the journal

Physiological Entomology considers how insects work and how they are adapted to their environments at all levels from genes and molecules, anatomy and structure, to behaviour and interactions of whole organisms. It publishes high quality experiment based papers reporting research on insects and other arthropods including occasional reviews. The journal has a focus on physiological and experimental approaches to understanding how insects function.

About you

We are seeking an active researcher in the field to join our team as Editor-in-Chief. The role works closely with our co-EiCs and board of Associate Editors to make decisions on submitted manuscripts and drive journal strategy. This is a voluntary position but some financial support is available to attend Royal Entomology Society strategy meetings and to act as an advocate for the journal at international conferences. We are looking for an enthusiastic researcher who is committed to building the profile of the journal and handling manuscripts with integrity.

We welcome candidates from any area of Physiological Entomology.

You will have:

Essential criteria:

  • Have an active publication record within the scope of the journal
  • Have experience of reviewing work in the field
  • Be able to work within the team of editors actively to develop and promote the journal
  • Be committed to the Royal Entomology Society vision and mission, and actively engage with it
  • Show awareness of current developments in scientific publishing (e.g., open access, open data).
  • Show a demonstrable commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity in scientific publishing.

Desirable criteria:

  • Have previous editorial experience (Associate Editor) for one or more journals in the field.

Key responsibilities:

  • Assess submissions for suitability, and make final decisions on publication based on advice of the editorial board and reviewers
  • Identify emerging topics and work with the team to commission high-quality content
  • Promote the journal at key meetings at conferences and support its promotion on social media
  • Work with the editorial team to drive the strategic direction of the journal

We value diversity and encourage applicants from all backgrounds and areas of society.

We welcome informal discussions about the role prior to application. Anyone interested in an informal discussion should contact the RES Head of Publishing, Emilie Aimé.

To apply, please send a short covering letter and a two-page CV to RES Head of Publishing Emilie Aimé.