Cover of Antenna Volume 36 (1) 2012
Cover of Antenna Volume 36 (1) 2012



The President


Obituary – Gregory George Bentley

Obituary – Russell Coope

Opinion – Reaching out

In a Humeral Vein

Article – Bird nests: an overlooked ecosystem opportunity

for specialised nest-dwelling arthropods

Article – Training a new generation of Dipterists

Insects in Line

Meeting Reports – Insect translocations: should we move insect species

that are faced with local extinction to new areas?

Monitoring a translocation of Silver-studded Blue in Suffolk

Translocating the Pine Hoverfly, Blera fallax

Restoring the Marsh Fritillary butterfly to Cumbria

Species Re-introductions – Going… Almost Gone… Back. The Field Cricket

Reintroduction of the short-haired bumblebee into the UK

Society News

Book Reviews


Cover of Antenna Volume 36 (1) 2012

Volume 36 (1) 2012